Keira Daley - creative



Amazon Alexa


creative lead

composer + lyricist

music production

voice direction



One thing that sets Amazon Alexa apart as a virtual assistant is musicality, with "Alexa, sing me a song" a fan favourite.

Here are some of my songwriting contributions to Alexa's worldwide repertoire, showing how I've used music to enhance the customer experience in surprising and delightful ways.

(I also feature as Alexa's chorus of back-up singers)

Obviously, all songs and videos are owned by Amazon.

“Alexa, I love you”

To delight customers who express their fondness for Alexa, I wrote this doowop-inspired jingle. It's been adopted across the globe, and has won an Amazon 'Deliver Results' award. For Australia/New Zealand customers, I later added an extra surprise in the form of animated video for screen devices, in collaboration with the agency Two Palms.

“Alexa, sing your theme song”

Every hero needs a theme. Taking inspiration from '70s TV shows, I wrote this song to help customers get to know their virtual assistant. Knowing I'd need lush strings and big horns, I called in my long-time collaborator, musical director Mark Chamberlain, to produce the track. In 2021, I enhanced the song with animated video for screen devices, in collaboration with Two Palms.

“Alexa, sing a song with Santa”

There’s no greater celebrity guest than the big man in red. I wrote this song in a genre near and dear to my heart – big band swing – for Alexa and Santa to share in a bit of festive magic. Again, Mark Chamberlain stepped in to deliver some beautiful instrumentation, and Two Palms later helped us add a video component – with a distinctly Southern Hemisphere flavour.

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